Medal of Honor Book

Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty
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The newly revised 3rd edition is now available and may be ordered online at or Barnes and Noble.
“Medal of Honor” is a stirring tribute to our bravest military heroes, men who have earned their place in history and who continue to inspire and awe their fellow citizens through their selflessness and strength of character. This magnificent hardcover book, sponsored by the Foundation and published in collaboration with Artisan, the illustrated book division of Workman Publishing in New York, is a collection of contemporary portraits and more than 140 stories of living or recently deceased Medal of Honor recipients as captured by best-selling author Peter Collier and award-winning photographer Nick Del Calzo. The recipients’ stories of selfless and courageous action will inspire Americans of all ages and honor all of our country’s veterans. Letters by all the 5 current living Presidents, an elegant foreword by Brian Williams, an expanded history in honor of the the 150th anniversary of the Medal of Honor add to the stature of the book. The two living recipients from Afghanistan, Sal Giunta and Leroy Petry are also included in this newly released and revised third edition.
The Foundation is particularly grateful to the many generous individual and corporate donors who have made it possible to place more than 54,000 copies of this book in public and private middle and junior/senior high schools in every state, plus the District of Columbia. This book is a “must” reading for people in all walks of life. Medal of Honor resided on the New York Times hardcover, non-fiction best-seller list for more than one month in late 2003 and has now been released as a revised 3rd edition with nearly 300,000 copies in print.

This is the most comprehensive and complete compilation of contemporary photographs and recounted stories of America’s most revered heroes. Each of the Medal recipients in this book, many in the twilight of their years, agreed to sit for a portrait and to recount their story one more time for the benefit of future generations. Sadly, some of them have passed away since the photographer and author were privileged to work with them, and there are now fewer than 100 living recipients. Yet together, these recipients help us put a face on the meaning of hero and understand what their heroism represents to us all.