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A Strategic Analysis of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

There has been a great deal of useful commentary of the tactical and operational aspects of the Ukrainian crisis. However, not much has been provided that can give us a vital strategic look. Let me try.  Here is my conclusion up front.  Vladimir Putin made a huge strategic mistake by ordering the invasion of Ukraine. The closest historical analogy I can think of was the Japanese...

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The Magical World of History

A very special event in my life occurred in the fall of 1965 when I was a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City. It changed my life in a profound way, I thought I might share this moment with you. It opened the door to my interest in history. An understanding of history led to more fulfilling life than I ever could have anticipated. The memorable event took place in the office...

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The Power and Promise of Endowments

On January 10th 2019, the Augusta Museum of History hosted its signature event of the year:The Jimmie Dyess Symposium. The rotunda and the balcony of the museum were crowded with attendees. A highlight of the program was a short video which explained two awards received by Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jimmie Dyess: the Medal of Honor (for heroism in combat) and the Carnegie Medal (for civilian...

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Teaching at the Hull College of Business And At Fort Gordon

Two months ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at a course on strategic management at the Summerville Campus of Augusta University. The class consisted of 24 scholars (at the James M. Hull College of Business), most of whom were about to graduate. I arrived early and got a chance to visit with a few of the early arrivals. I was especially interested in how they charted their...

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Doug Barnard’s Arc of Accomplishments

The Augusta Chronicle and the funeral service for Doug Barnard have highlighted, so very well, many aspects of Congressionman Doug Barnard’s remarkable life: his military service in World War II, his successful banking career, his service as executive secretary to Governor Carl Sanders, his highly influential sixteen years as a Member of the United States Congress, his service on thirteen...

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PBS Series on Vietnam War Impressive, Yet Saddening and Incomplete

Is it possible to watch a television series and to be very impressed while being profoundly disappointed? The answer is yes. The Vietnam War, a ten-episode production on PBS, fits this description quite well. This conclusion leads to the next question—should I spend eighteen hours of my valuable time watching this special? My answer is no. If you wish to learn about the Vietnam War and...

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